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Why is a high EPC rating important?

Based on average property prices, there is a correlation between a stronger EPC rating and a higher house price. According to, properties with higher EPC ratings can achieve higher values and improving any rating can be an important way to bolster your asking price.

House buy fast

Jonathan Rolande, Director of House Buy Fast and Founder of the National Association of Property Buyers, explains: ‘More than ever now people are aware of heating costs and want to do their bit for the environment. When introduced in 2007 nobody really cared what the EPC said and would buy regardless. ‘Now that’s changed and given the choice of two properties where one was a D and the other a B, almost everyone would buy the cheaper to run B home.’ ‘A low EPC will have a minor effect on value but also saleability. Buy to let purchasers cannot rent a property that is F or G and in 2025 that changes to C. As Buy to Let makes up a large proportion of the UK market, the effect of a poor EPC will soon have a more severe impact on price.’