Terms of Use/Sale For Businesses


Welcome to Rental Market™, your trusted platform for shaping and enhancing rental market experiences. Our mission is to provide an open and collaborative space where consumers can share valuable insights and connect with businesses to drive improvement. Before you embark on utilising our services, please take a moment to familiarise yourself with the Terms of Use and Sale for Businesses, referred to as “terms” hereafter, to understand the mutual expectations.

Whether you opt for our free services or choose our premium offerings, accepting these terms clarifies the legal rights and obligations for both parties. Your continual access and use of our services are contingent upon your agreement with these terms. In case of disagreement or inability to comply, refrain from accessing or using our services. This applies to all interactions with our platform, including free services, trials, and subscriptions.

You express your agreement to these terms by performing any of the following actions: (a) clicking a confirmation box or button; (b) signing or accepting a document referencing these terms; (c) making payment for a 6 or 12 month subscription; or (d) claiming a business profile page or utilising any of our services.

For any inquiries about Rental Market™, explore our Support Center. If you need further assistance, contact us at support@rentalmarket.org.

Note: Terms defined in “quotation marks” maintain consistent meanings throughout this document.

Joining and Using Rental Market™

  1. You and Rental Market™: “You” or “your” refers to the entity or business you represent, while “Rental Market,” “we,” “our,” or “us” pertains to the specific Rental Market entity outlined in the “Our contracting entities and governing law” section of these terms.
  2. Our Platform: The “platform” denotes our review platform hosted at RentalMarket.org, along with any associated websites or apps operated by us.
  3. Our Services: Encompassing the Rental Market business account, review services, and potential future offerings, our “services” are outlined in commercial materials provided to you. Compatibility with your browser, network, or computer set-up is not guaranteed.
  4. Business Profile Page: To access our services, claim a business profile page on our platform.
  5. Free Plan: By claiming a business profile page, access the free plan’s services until your account is upgraded by you or terminated by us.
  6. Subscriptions: If you subscribe to services beyond the free plan, a “subscription” provides access to additional features. Subscription details, renewals, and pricing are covered in this section.

6A. Partners: Access our services through a Rental Market™ partner, understanding their independent status and your responsibility for compliance with these terms.

  1. Domains: Ensure ownership or exclusive rights to operate claimed domains.
  2. Invitations Using Our Platform: Utilising our review invitation service is your responsibility, meeting legal and regulatory requirements.
  3. Invitations Outside Our Platform: Sending invitations externally necessitates compliance with legal requirements and guidelines.
  4. Business Account: Take control of your business account, including user access, management, and information updates via the Rental Market AI Live Assistant.
  5. User Roles and Access: Understand and manage permissions granted to authorized users on your business account.
  6. Your Key Responsibilities: Use our services for claimed domains and lawful business purposes, adhering to these terms and guidelines.
  7. Guidelines: Abide by our guidelines, policies, and codes provided for businesses and users. Updates may apply immediately.
  8. What We Each Own: Our ownership encompasses content, trademarks, and intellectual property rights. You own your intellectual property.
  9. User Generated Content: User-generated content allows us perpetual use, and you promise the right to grant us such usage.
  10. Feedback: Your feedback may be used without restriction or payment.
  11. Rental Market™ Beta Services: Use beta services at your own risk.
  12. Problems and Support: Find solutions through our Support Center and support team at support@rentalmarket.org.
  13. Impartiality: Your use of our services doesn’t imply approval, endorsement, or recommendation by us. No partnership, joint venture, employment, or agency relationship is formed between you and Rental Market™.

20. Display of Names, Logos, and Reviews:

To ensure the identification of businesses on Rental Market™, you grant us the right to display your business name and logo on our platform, akin to a directory. You retain control over your business profile page, allowing modifications to your name and logo. When you create a business account, you authorise us to use your name, logo, and visuals of Rental Market usage in the public domain for corporate, promotional, and marketing purposes.

During service use, you may display reviews of your business and our brand marks on claimed domains, following guidelines and using designs provided in your business account. Any other use or display of our brand marks requires adherence to guidelines, and we reserve the right to revoke usage if guidelines are violated.

21. Don’ts:

While not exhaustive, important prohibitions include undermining platform security, impairing functionality, unauthorized access, introducing malicious code, generating fake reviews, engaging in misleading or offensive activities, violating laws, infringing on others’ rights, and non-compliance with guidelines.

Modifying, copying, or exploiting platform components, reselling services beyond permissible terms, using third-party products improperly, and committing fraud or illegal acts are strictly prohibited. Any abusive or disrespectful behavior toward Rental Market employees, partners, or users is intolerable. Removal of the Rental Market brand content without permission is forbidden.

22. Third-party Products:

Our ecosystem integrates third-party products, enhancing user experience. Accessing and using these products are subject to the terms and conditions set by their providers. Rental Market™ or your partner (if applicable) may facilitate integration but is not obligated to support third-party products. Users are responsible for reviewing and accepting the terms of third-party providers.

23. Third-party Terms and Descriptions:

Third-party products adhere to the terms and conditions set by providers. Users must review and agree to these terms. Descriptions and links provided by third-party providers are their sole responsibility, and Rental Market™ does not endorse or assume liability for third-party products.

Pricing and Payments

24. Trials:

Limited trials of certain services may be offered as per commercial materials. Access to these services may be modified or withdrawn at our discretion without prior notice. After the trial, continued service requires a subscription.

25. Rental Market Subscriptions:

Paid subscriptions provide access to additional services beyond the free plan. Pricing and specific terms are detailed in commercial materials. Changes to subscription scope may necessitate updated materials and corresponding price adjustments.

26. Standard Rates and Discounts:

Standard list prices for services may be updated. Discounts and special terms apply only for the specified subscription period on commercial materials. There is no obligation to continue these terms in subsequent periods.

27. No Refunds or Credit:

No refunds or credits are owed upon termination unless explicitly stated in these terms.

28. Taxes for Your Use of Our Services:

Prices are exclusive of taxes. Users are responsible for external fees and taxes associated with service use.

29. Importance of Timely Payments:

Timely payment is crucial for continued access to subscribed services. Fees for each subscription period are owed upfront. Delays may result in suspension or termination of access. Late payments may incur interest and collection costs. Providing accurate payment information is essential to avoid disruptions.

Privacy and Data Use

30. Privacy Laws: Both parties agree to adhere to all applicable data protection and privacy laws and regulations (“applicable privacy laws”).

31. Invitation Data: When sending or facilitating invitations for consumer reviews, we provide “review invitation services.” The Data Protection Laws In The UK apply to this process. You confirm compliance with applicable privacy laws and agree not to breach any part of data protection laws governing the UK. We will never knowingly ask you to contravene these laws.

32. Other Personal Data: Personal data collected about authorized users or representatives will be handled according to our privacy policy.


33. Playing Your Part to Keep Your Data Secure: You are responsible for securing login details and ensuring strong security on your systems. Unauthorised use or security breaches must be reported promptly. Free-form fields in Rental Market systems should not be used for personal data unless explicitly requested.

Confidential Information

34. Keeping It Confidential: During service use, both parties may share confidential information. Both agree to take reasonable steps to protect the other party’s confidential information. Confidential information may be shared with legal or regulatory authorities if required by law. Information already known to the recipient or publicly available is not considered confidential.

Termination and Suspension

Your Termination Rights:

35. No Automatic Renewal: If you don’t want your subscription to renew automatically, notify us at least 30 days before the end of the current period. Access to subscription services continues until the end of the period, and you’re responsible for the fees. Upon expiration, access to free services is retained.

36. Termination for Rental Market’s Material Breach: You can terminate the subscription immediately if Rental Market materially breaches terms, not remedied within 28 days, or if the breach is irreparable. Access to subscription services ceases immediately. No refund for prior payments, but unpaid fees for the remaining period are waived.

If You’re on the Free Plan:

37. Account Deletion: Termination occurs when you stop using services and delete your business account. Some sections survive termination for the purposes that Rental Market serves to its landlords.

38. Post-Termination Applicability: Terms apply to events predating termination, regardless of whether it’s a subscription termination or account deletion.

Our Termination and Suspension Rights:

If You Have a Subscription:

39. Non-Renewal by Rental Market: Rental Market can terminate your subscription’s renewal, providing at least 30 days’ notice before the end of any period. Access continues until the end of the current period. Unpaid fees are still due.

40. Immediate Termination by Rental Market: Rental Market can terminate immediately if you materially breach terms, misuse the platform, act disrespectfully, fail to pay, become insolvent, pose a security risk, or if your values conflict with Rental Market’s. Refunds are subject to conditions outlined within this document.

41. Suspension: Rental Market can suspend access if you breach terms, misuse functionalities, fail to pay, or pose a security risk. You’re liable for fees during suspension, with no entitlement to refunds.

If You’re on the Free Plan:

42. Immediate Termination or Suspension: Rental Market can terminate or suspend your business account immediately and for any reason.

For All Users:

43. Post-Termination Applicability: Terms apply to events before termination, whether due to subscription cancellation, account deletion, or Rental Market’s action.

Liability and Indemnity

44. Disclaimer of Warranties: Services and the platform are provided “as is.” No warranties, express or implied, are made, and Rental Market disclaims any implied warranties of non-infringement, merchantability, and fitness for a particular purpose. No guarantee of uninterrupted or error-free services are made in any format.

45. Limitation of Liability:

If You Have a Subscription:

  • No liability for indirect, consequential, or special losses.
  • Not responsible for user conduct on the platform.
  • Total aggregate liability limited to the total amount paid for services in the past 12 months, except for indemnity obligations.

If You’re on the Free Plan:

  • Similar limitations as for subscription users.

46. Indemnities:

You Indemnify Us:

  • You’re liable for losses, costs, expenses, or liabilities incurred by Rental Market or its affiliates due to your use of services, breach of guidelines, or violation of privacy laws.

We Indemnify You:

  • Rental Market will cover losses, costs, expenses, or liabilities incurred by you or your affiliates due to third-party claims that Rental Market’s brand marks or services infringe upon intellectual property rights.
  • Indemnification conditions include prompt notice, the indemnifying party assuming control over the defense, cooperation, and no settlement without the indemnified party’s consent.


47. Dispute Resolution:

  • Initial concerns addressed through support@rentalmarket.org.
  • Unresolved issues lead to claims brought in the jurisdiction specified in the “Our Contracting Entities and Governing Law” section.

Important Housekeeping

48. No Professional Advice:

  • Rental Market doesn’t provide professional advice.
  • Information provided is not advice, and Rental Market is not liable for its use.

49. Changes to These Terms:

  • Rental Market can make changes, and it’s your responsibility to regularly check for updates.

50. Changes to Our Services:

  • Rental Market may change or discontinue services. Material changes to functionality might lead to refunds or credits.

51. Events Outside Our Control:

  • Rental Market and affiliates not liable for failure or delay in performance due to events beyond reasonable control.

52. Notices:

  • Notices to Rental Market: support@rentalmarket.org
  • Notices to you: Sent to the email address provided in your business account.

53. Blocking Access, Disabling Subscription, or Refusing Payment:

  • Rental Market may take these actions if there’s a risk associated with you, your business, subscription, or payment.

54. Transfer:

  • Rental Market may assign, transfer, or subcontract rights or obligations. Your assignment requires advance written consent.

55. Survival:

  • Sections that, by nature, survive termination (e.g., Limitation of Liability and Indemnities) continue post-termination.

56. Entire Agreement:

  • These terms constitute the entire agreement, superseding any prior discussions or agreements.

57. Language:

  • Communications must be in English. In case of translation, the English version takes precedence.

58. Enforcement of Terms:

  • Unenforceable parts are ignored, but the rest remains enforceable.

59. Interpretation:

  • Terms like ‘include’ are not words of limitation. ‘Discretion’ refers to sole discretion.

60A. Our Contracting Entities and Governing Law:

  • These terms and disputes governed by the laws of the Rental Market entity specified in the “Governing Law” column.