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Tenancy Deposit Schemes – Disputes & Problems

If there’s a dispute over a deposit

Your tenancy deposit protection (TDP) scheme offers a free dispute resolution service if you disagree with your landlord about how much deposit should be returned. You don’t have to use the service but if you do, both you and the landlord have to agree to it. You’ll both be asked to provide evidence, and the decision made about your deposit will be final.

If you can’t contact the landlord

You can ‘raise a dispute’ to get your deposit back if you can’t contact your landlord and your deposit is held by one of the approved TDP schemes:

Contact MyDeposits if your deposit was held by Capita. The TDP scheme will refund your deposit if the dispute resolution service agrees. There may be a limit on the time you have to raise a dispute. Contact the TDP scheme as soon as possible.

If your deposit is not held by an approved TDP scheme

You may be able to apply to your local county court to get your deposit back if your deposit was not protected by an approved TDP scheme. You should write to your landlord and your letting agent (if you have one) before you make a claim. Your landlord or agent may offer to pay your deposit back after they get a letter to avoid legal costs.