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How To Find Out If Your Rental Property Is Effected By New 2023 EPC Regulations

Find out if your property is covered by the current regulations The Domestic Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES) Regulations set a minimum energy efficiency level for domestic private rented properties. The Regulations apply to all domestic private rented properties that are: Answer these questions to find out whether your property is covered by the Regulations 1. Is your property let

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What can I do to improve my rented property EPC rating?

What can I do to improve my EPC rating? An EPC will list recommendations on how you can improve your rating. It will give estimated costs to make improvements, as well as the total potential savings. Common recommendations include: These improvements will lower energy bills and lessen the property’s environmental impact.

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How long does my EPC certificate last?

Once completed, an EPC is valid for 10 years. You can use it multiple times within this period. If you have made improvements to your property and plan to rent it out or sell it, it is a good idea to have a new EPC done to reflect the changes.

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Why is a high EPC rating important?

Based on average property prices, there is a correlation between a stronger EPC rating and a higher house price. According to, properties with higher EPC ratings can achieve higher values and improving any rating can be an important way to bolster your asking price. House buy fast Jonathan Rolande, Director of House Buy Fast and Founder of the National Association

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What is the EPC Register?

All EPCs in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland are lodged on a national register, called the EPC Register. For properties in Scotland, check the Scottish EPC Register. These registers are publicly available. They are useful for finding your EPC certificate or when you are comparing future homes and then the potential costs involved in running them. The government may use some of

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Energy Performance Certificate – a breakdown

Not All EPCs are the same with consistencies as follows for each: 1. Current and potential energy costs The first section of an EPC looks at the house’s estimated costs for energy divided into lighting, heating and hot water currently. This is useful to know how much a property’s energy utility bills will be and how much you could save. It is

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EPC ratings: a brief summary

All properties are placed on a colour-coded scale from A to G, with A being the most efficient with the cheapest fuel bills. A property’s EPC rating will be dependent on: It provides a numerical grade, between 1 and 100 and occasionally 120 depending on renewable energy measures and a lettered grade from A to G, with A being the

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What is an Energy Performance Certificate?

An Energy Performance Certificate measures the energy efficiency of a building. Alongside an overall rating, it will show the household’s estimated energy costs for lighting, heating, and hot water for the next three years. As well as detailing the property’s current rating, it will provide a potential score which could be achieved if the recommendations for improved energy efficiency are

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EPC – Energy Performance Certificates Explained

Anyone who has ever bought and sold a home will know that there are a fair few confusing acronyms involved. But one you really should get your head around is a property’s EPC ratings. With 22 per cent of the UK’s carbon emissions coming from energy use in residential housing, the energy efficiency of our homes is gaining more attention

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