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Can a landlord profit from utilities?

Can a landlord make a profit on utility charges to a tenant? – Quora. In most states. No. If you make money from sub-charging for utility costs, no matter how little or at what frequency, you have made yourself a utility.

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Do landlords have to pay renewal fees?

Agents can only charge a renewal commission if the tenancy is actually ‘renewed’ – that is, extended for another fixed term. Landlords can avoid paying the fee by switching over to a periodic (or rolling) tenancy once the first term is up. That way, they haven’t technically renewed the lease

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Landlord Utilities: Best Practices

Landlord Best Practices for Utility Bills There is a lot of work that goes into being a landlord so it is understandable that with all the other tasks around starting a new tenancy, you may forget about utility bills Landlords should be aware that this could leave them liable for £1000s of unpaid bills and could even mean they have

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