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Rental Market Association Celebrates Landlords’ Overwhelming Support with 200,000+ Reviews

In a resounding testament to the strength and unity of the landlord community, the Rental Market Association (RMA) proudly announces that its members, alongside dedicated users of the Rental Market platform, have posted an impressive 200,000+ reviews in 2023. This milestone reflects the commitment of landlords to share their experiences and insights, fostering transparency and excellence within the rental market.

These reviews encompass a diverse range of rental market companies, including Letting Agents, tenancy deposit schemes, landlord insurance providers, boiler cover services, landlord solicitors, new boiler providers, buy-to-let mortgage companies, and more. The breadth of genres covered in these reviews underscores the comprehensive nature of Rental Market’s platform, providing landlords with a one-stop destination for evaluating and sharing feedback on various services crucial to their property management journey.

The RMA, established in 2017, has swiftly grown to become the largest association of its kind in the UK, with over 200,000 active landlord members. Beyond the impressive number of reviews, the RMA is dedicated to empowering landlords through various initiatives. These include an award-winning legal support system, a vast library featuring over 2,000 landlord help articles, and the RMA Landlord Accreditation Scheme, which sets a gold standard for property management.

Rental Market’s cutting-edge RentalMarket Artificial Intelligence handles over 85,000 support requests annually, providing landlords with guidance on a myriad of topics, from insurance advice to eviction and repossession guidance. The platform is also a hub for real-time landlord data, surveys, and ticketing for 1-on-1 support, fostering open dialogue and community engagement.

Furthermore, Rental Market operates the largest website for reviews of rental market companies operating in the sector. This platform not only provides landlords with valuable insights into the performance of various service providers but also promotes transparency and accountability within the industry.

For businesses aiming to enhance their visibility and reputation, Rental Market offers the Premier Partner package. This exclusive opportunity allows companies to boost their review ratings and stand out in a competitive market. The package includes AI-assisted review moderation, reconciliation through AI moderation, and an exclusive website widget for enhanced visibility.

As Rental Market celebrates this landmark achievement of 200,000+ reviews, it reaffirms its commitment to empowering landlords and fostering a community-driven approach to the rental market. The RMA and Rental Market continue to be at the forefront of industry innovation, setting the bar for excellence and transparency in property management.