Taylor Rose Solicitors Reviews

Taylor Rose Solicitors Reviews

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Services Provided: Breach of CovenantDebt Advisory / Lease Renewal Disputes / Rent Arrears / Tenancy Deposit Disputes / Tenant Eviction/Regaining Possession

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Hi Landlords, we are Taylor Rose Solicitors

Specialist solicitors for Landlords

Our job is to reduce the risk of legal problems for Landlords when buying or letting commercial or residential property. Key competencies include commercial leases and tenancy agreements, breaches of lease, landlord & tenant disputes, lease renewals, assignment or subletting and repossessions. We also advise residential  landlords on buy to let disputes with tenants and eviction claims. 

We have many years’ experience and over 30 specialist landlord & tenant solicitors, with many in or around London but also in many other locations throughout England & Wales.We obtain the right results for clients as cost effectively and quickly as possible.

We can help you with:

  • Setting up a new tenancy, including drafting the tenancy agreement.
  • Buy to let legal advice including acting on refinancing/remortgaging.
  • Investment property joint ventures.
  • HMO advice and compliance with Local Authority and other regulations.
  • Student lets.
  • Advising on your legal obligations as a landlord, including all the information you must provide to tenants at the commencement of a tenancy
  • Obtaining possession of a property  where the tenant has acted in breach of the tenancy agreement
  • Recovering rent arrears that are due and making claims for damage caused to property whilst the tenant was in occupation
  • Dealing with tenant breaches – such as rent arrears, damage to the property, antisocial behaviour, criminal activity.
  • Responding to tenancy deposit compensation claims, where tenants make a claim or threaten to issue proceedings because the deposit they have paid has not been protected as is required
  • Locating tenants who’ve moved out in the middle of a tenancy and who owe rent under the terms of the agreement.
  • Pursuing any lease guarantors where the tenants default on paying rent

Solicitors for tenants

Specialist legal advice and services for tenants include :-

  • Reviewing and advising on the terms of a lease, licence or tenancy.
  • Acting for assignees or sub-tenants.
  • Lease renewals.
  • Disputes including service charge, dilapidations and deposit disputes.
  • Applying for licence to assign, sublet or alter premises.
  • Negotiating early termination of commercial lease due to financial difficulties, usually by formal surrender.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Tom R.

When it comes to tenant eviction, this law firm is truly amazing. Their dedication to a swift resolution and their professionalism set them apart.

Tom R.

The tenant eviction process can be daunting, but this law firm handled it efficiently and professionally. Their support and guidance were crucial in regaining possession

Dylan J.

I found myself in a complex tenant eviction scenario, and this law firm was exceptional. Their efficiency and attention to detail made the process remarkably smooth.

Janet S.

I had an awesome experience with this law firm during my tenant eviction. Their expertise and clear communication made the process much smoother than I anticipated.

Barry R.

When it came to resolving my tenancy deposit dispute, this law firm demonstrated remarkable expertise. Their attention to detail and clear communication made a difference.

Wes U.

I faced a challenging tenant eviction situation, and this law firm's support was indispensable. Their professionalism and clear communication eased the process.

Grace L.

Dealing with tenant eviction can be a nightmare, but this law firm turned it into a manageable process. Their expertise and prompt actions were impressive.

Hannah K.

Dealing with tenant eviction can be emotionally draining, but this law firm's efficiency and professionalism made it delightful. Their prompt actions and clear communication were commendable.

Steven Q.

This law firm's support during my tenant eviction was nothing short of awesome. Their expertise and clear communication helped me regain possession without unnecessary complications.

Grace N.

I faced a challenging tenant eviction scenario, but this law firm's support was delightful. Their efficiency and clear communication eased the process.

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