Smart Cover Reviews

Smart Cover Reviews

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Services Provided: Home Emergency Cover: Annual Boiler Service / Boiler & Central Heating / Boiler Breakdown / CP12 Certificate / Drainage / Electrics / No Call-Out Charges / No Excess Fees

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Hello landlords, we are Smart Cover.

Be secured against unforeseen emergencies.

Get cover against the cost of call-out fees and repairs for things like boiler breakdown, blocked drains, burst pipes, plumbing, electrical failures and much more.

A policy designed to provide an emergency fix and prevent further damage to your property. If you have more than one property, Talk to our representatives and get a better price.

Don’t let an unexpected repair turn into an expensive setback!

Our Landlords Home Emergency cover protects you against the cost of call-out charges, labor, parts, and materials – as well as emergency alternative accommodation for your tenants.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 107 reviews
Fiona P.

When a drainage problem emerged in my backyard, I reached out to them. Their team arrived, identified a blocked drain, and swiftly cleared it, preventing any further mess. Great job!

Doreen C.

Roof damage repaired efficiently, and their customer service impressed the tenant.

Brandon C.

Boiler breakdown was resolved quickly, providing peace of mind to the tenant.

Charlotte M.

No call-out charges or excess fees provided peace of mind to both the landlord and tenant

Ethan R.

Annual boiler service exceeded expectations, and their agent, Lisa, was attentive and informative.

Karen M.

Electrical issue was resolved safely, ensuring tenant satisfaction and safety.

Benjamin S.

Broken window was secured swiftly, ensuring tenant safety.

Daniel F.

Dealing with electrics can be risky, but their expert electrician ensured my home was safe by identifying and rectifying a wiring issue. Professional and diligent!

Graham L.

The annual boiler service provided by them was not only thorough but also accompanied by helpful tips for maintenance. The attentive and informative customer service from Smart Cover was a bonus.

Zachary K.

Tenant's boiler breakdown was swiftly handled by Amy from the company.

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