Ellis Jones Solicitors Reviews

Ellis Jones Solicitors Reviews

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Hello Landlords, we are Ellis Jones Solicitors

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, you may need to seek specialist advice regarding your rights and obligations. Our team of specialist solicitors have experience across a wide-range of cases and areas of landlord and tenant disputes.

From time to time, both tenants and landlords may need to seek expert legal advice for a range of different matters and disputes, whether it’s payment and interest or maintenance, damage and cleanliness, these legal matters can be incredibly stressful and confusing for both parties, especially without the right kind of advice, support and guidance.

Our experienced property dispute lawyers can provide sensible and pragmatic advice which is proportionate to the number of issues in dispute. We will always try to resolve matters through negotiation, mediation or arbitration, but if that fails, we will be there to support you through a claim or defence in the civil courts or tribunals, and help you achieve the best possible outcome.

We advise on a wide range of landlord and tenant matters including:

  • Service charge disputes
  • Rent arrears and rent disputes
  • Termination of your tenancy (including forfeiture and possession)
  • Landlord and tenant responsibilities and obligations to each other
  • Disputes over how your property is managed
  • What obligations you have in your lease or tenancy agreement

Experienced landlord/tenant dispute solicitors

We pride ourselves on our ability to help advise and guide you through every step and scenario you may find yourself in, whether it’s a simple dispute or a more complex combination of issues. Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, we can help you deal with disputes in the most efficient and effective way to achieve the outcome you desire. 

Our team of expert property dispute solicitors have experience representing both landlords and tenants in a range of property dispute cases.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 136 reviews
Edward O.

Legal professionals demonstrated their proficiency in handling a tenant eviction case marked by non-payment of rent. Their commitment to adhering to legal regulations ensured a just and lawful outcome.

Leo R.

Working with Ellis Jones Solicitors (EJS) was an absolute pleasure. Their friendly and knowledgeable team made my legal journey enjoyable.

Christopher R.

Donna was instrumental in resolving a dispute I had with a tenant. Her strong negotiation skills and meticulous approach ensured a fair resolution. I appreciated her professionalism and the sense of calm she brought to the situation.

Ellie O.

I couldn't have asked for a better experience than the one I had with Ellis Jones Sols. Their friendly and knowledgeable team is a joy to work with.

Pete K.

When confronted with a tenant's non-payment of rent, I turned to legal professionals for guidance. Their unwavering commitment to adhering to legal regulations while protecting my interests was highly commendable.

Lucy J.

Efficient tenant eviction assistance.

Colin P.

Timely rent dispute resolution.

Greg L.

Ellis Jones Solicitors exceeded my expectations with their positive attitude and exceptional service. They truly care about their clients' happiness.

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