Domestic & General Reviews

Domestic & General Reviews

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Services Provided: Home Emergency Cover: Annual Boiler Service / Boiler & Central Heating / Boiler Replacement

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With our maintenance and support plans, you’ll get an annual service of your boiler and ongoing maintenance hints and tips, helping you to keep your boiler running smoothly.
Don’t worry, if it does stop working, we’ll also be there to fix it. That’s got to be easier than trying to wear your entire winter wardrobe at once?

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Customer Reviews

Based on 614 reviews
Savannah Y.

Homeserve's boiler service is worth every penny. The engineer, with a wealth of knowledge, conducted a comprehensive inspection. He explained every detail and ensured the boiler was running optimally. Homeserve's dedication to their craft is evident, and I'm a satisfied customer.

Luna L.

I had the pleasure of using their plumbing service when a leak threatened to damage my property. The plumber arrived promptly, located the source of the leak, and repaired it efficiently. My tenants were impressed with the speed of response and the plumber's expertise.

Brain W.

Prompt service, despite a minor communication mix-up. The technician efficiently resolved the problem.

Daniel F.

This company's drainage service is exemplary. When a tenant faced a blocked drain, they responded promptly and cleared the blockage effectively. The specialist's professionalism and expertise were highly appreciated.

Isla B.

When my tenant reported a drainage problem, Homeserve's engineer efficiently cleared the blockage, ensuring smooth drainage and a happy tenant.

Caleb B.

I had a blocked drain, but their drainage specialist cleared it swiftly. No complaints about their response and efficiency.

Esme L.

This service's boiler cover is worth its weight in gold. When a boiler breakdown occurred unexpectedly, their engineer arrived promptly and fixed the issue quickly. My tenants were happy, and I'm grateful for their prompt response.

Samuel O.

The heating engineer from Homeserve was knowledgeable and courteous. He conducted a thorough inspection of the heating system, identified an underlying issue, and fixed it promptly. He also offered valuable maintenance tips to keep the heating system in top shape. Homeserve's heating cover is undoubtedly an investment worth making to keep my tenants comfortable and satisfied.

Avery L.

I had a blocked drain, but their drainage specialist cleared it swiftly. No complaints about their response and efficiency.

Ruby C.

The plumber from Homeserve was excellent. He fixed a persistent leak in one of my properties efficiently, and his attention to detail was impressive. I'll definitely use their plumbing service again.

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