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Welcome to, the UK’s leading website for landlords by The TLA. At The Landlord Association, our ongoing mission is to empower and support landlords by providing award-winning legal expertise, to provide comprehensive knowledge and guidance on all landlord matters, and to encourage open dialogue between landlords and rental market service providers via peer-reviews.

Since our formation in 2006 we have grown to become the go-to destination for landlords in the UK. With over 100k organic reviews for more than 250 rental market businesses and services trading in the UK today, is a unique platform where landlords share their experiences and provide valuable insights to other members of the rental market community.

We are proud to have over 200k registered landlord members that trust and rely on us to provide advice and support. Our free legal support for landlords is just one of the many services we offer. We believe that every landlord should have access to free, high-quality legal support and we are committed to continuing to make this possible for all of our members long into the future.

At, we receive over 350k unique visits annually, making us the most trafficked website for landlords in the UK. Our slogan, “Compare. Learn. Share.” reflects our commitment to providing landlords with the tools and resources they need to succeed in the rental market.

The Landlord Association (The TLA)

The Landlord Association is the largest in the industry with over 200k registered and active landlord members.

Since 2006 The TLA has provided the following FREE services to its members:

  1. Award-Winning Legal Support & Guidance
  2. Advice & Documentation
  3. RMA Landlord Accreditation Scheme
  4. Access To 2000+ Landlord Help Articles
  5. Latest Law & Regulation Updates
  6. Help KITS & Eviction KITS
  7. Rental Market Surveys
  8. Real-Time Landlord Data
  9. Landlord Tax Advice
  10. Ticketing For 1-on-1 Landlord Support

Join us as we continue to revolutionise the rental industry and empower landlords to maximize returns and to save both time and money.