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LATEST MEMBER RESEARCH: RMA Landlord Boiler Statistics 2023

The Landlord Boiler Statistics Q1 2023. A Collation of data between Aug 2022 – Jan 2023. landlords reported a 58% increase in home energy usage by their tenants as well as significant increases in the levels of repairs and replacements for boilers. Energy usage is up as tenants located at home during and ongoing post-lockdown adjustments.The COVID-19 pandemic had a further, clear, continued knock-on effect with tenants using more energy by being at home more often. Middle of the day energy usage is currently up 61% as a result of tenants basing themselves at home 18 months on from the pandemic.

Gas and boiler issues in let property

  1. Landlords reported a rise (4% on 2021) in boiler repairs with 9% of gas property (approx 50k property) requiring a repair on a gas boiler within their let properties
  2. Furthermore, an increase from 11% to 17% compared with the same quarter last year requiring a replacement gas boiler (8,490 boilers replaced – figures courtesy of British Gas, Centrica PLC).

Types of Gas Boiler by replacement type

Types of gas boilers by replacement type:

  1. Combi – 61%
  2. Regular – 20%
  3. System – 19%

Repairs By UK Regional breakdown

  1. The most boiler repairs were needed in London with 11.44% of boilers estimated to have broken down during this period.
  2. This was closely followed by the West Midlands at 7.16% and the North West at 9.61%.
  3. Boilers are least likely to break down in South West with 4.89%, Scotland at 6.77% and the North East at 4.43%.
  4. These results, at an average of 7.1% nationally, suggests 40,000+ boiler repairs were undertaken on property within portfolio’s managed by landlords under the guidance of The Landlord Association

EPC Regulation Changes 2025 (of those surveyed for whom their property/ies will require improvements to meet the proposed new regulations – the correlating number of properties not currently known)

  1. 66% of landlords indicated that they are planning on replacing the current boilers within their rented property in order to meet the 2025 EPC regulation changes (either through energy efficient boilers through oil, conventional, biomass or system)
  2. 11% intend to improve insulation (both wall and roof)
  3. 17% through LED lighting alternatives
  4. 6% to undertake all three